Haight-Ashbury: April 4th.
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It doesn’t get much more San Francisco than this. We'll be starting in Haight-Ashbury and ending at City Hall, from the center of counterculture to the center of government. Along the way, we’ll see some of San Francisco's most iconic Victorian homes.

-Haight-Ashbury was the place to be for 1960s hippies, but the neighborhood still retains an offbeat style. There are funny storefronts, murals, wild-colored Victorian houses, and interesting people.

-Buena Vista Park is located right in The Haight and offers amazing views of the San Francisco skyline.

-The Painted Ladies are the most famous Victorian houses in SF and are aligned in a row across the street from Alamo Park. You’ll definitely recognize them on sight.

-City Hall is a grand old building complete with gold leaf accents and the fifth-largest dome in the world. It is right next the Civic Center Bart, which is where we will leave from.




  • 12:15: Meet at Downtown Berkeley BART station (down the escalator near Peets)

  • 12:39: BART to Civic Center ($7.80 round trip)

  • 1:12: Catch the 71 bus towards Sunset at Market & Hyde ($2.25 one way)

  • 1:31: Arrive at Haight & Cole, start walk through the Haight to Buena Vista Park and Alamo Square

  • Finish at Civic Center BART by 5 or

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